ACRI-HE is a company of the ACRI-Group, with ACRI-ST as majority shareholder, which was founded by bringing together the environmental studies of ACRI-ST with EO and the activity of HOCER in environmental in-situ surveys and modeling (e.g. sedimentology, bathymetry, oceanography). The rationale of this merger is to have a dedicated structure fully focused on the development and exploitation of emerging EO-derived services in the COPERNICUS context. ACRI-HE has a subsidiary in Morocco, since 2006, to develop the African services.

ACRI-HE performs research activities related to theoretical and numerical fluid dynamics, geophysics, ocean and atmosphere modelling, develops and operates information services related to the surveillance and forecast of the Earth environment, especially for the water quality monitoring (ocean, coastal and inland water). ACRI-HE contributes to a wide scope of studies by local, national and international environmental agencies such as, analysis of user requirements, technological constraints study, analysis and implementation of solutions, estimation and monitoring of environmental, economic and social impacts.

In EOSAI, ACRI-HE is in charge of the overall lead of the project, as well as of deploying hydrodynamic models over the two areas of interest, based on inputs provided by PTK in Greece and own database for French site. ACRI will integrate the modelling content to the SAFI platform proposed to both French and Greek users. ACRI will also coordinate business analyses in views of a future commercialization of the services for aquaculture.



Planetek Hellas has been working in Greek marine water environment since several years using Earth Observation data to monitor water quality parameters. From the experiences gained from various ESA projects such as MarCoast ( and C-WAMS ( but also FP7 such as AQUAMAR (, Planetek Hellas built a solid experience in the Water Quality (WQ) monitoring from Earth Observation (EO) data. Moreover it holds a large number of historical WQ data of key parameters like Chlorophyll-a concentration, Water Transparency and Sea Surface Temperature covering the Greek seas over the last years (from 2008 to today). Specifically for the geographic area of the Province of Thesprotia, in the Region of Epirus, Greece, Planetek Hellas developed a Near Real Time EO Monitoring System (!/) which since October 2015 has been proving information on Water Quality Parameters such as Chlorophyll-a, SST & Transparency. The application was developed for the Water Agency of the Region of Epirus, in the framework of the SAIMON project (Satellite Near Real Time Monitoring Network for the Coastal Waters). The SAIMON system is based on the proprietary platform of Planetek, Rheticus®.

The data provided continuously in the 17 months through the SAIMON system, have triggered the interest of the local aquaculture community in the Province of Thesprotia, which has manifested its will, though their official representing body, the Aquaculture Association of Thesprotia, to investigate the personalization of the above mentioned EO services for its industrial members.

In EOSAI, Planetek hellas will thus make the link between partners and the Greek user, the Aquaculture Association of Thesprotia. Through their interface Rheticus® they will provided personalized EO services for the aquaculture industries of Thesprotia. Rheticus is Planetek proprietary automatic cloud-based geo-information service platform for territorial monitoring.  Access the Rheticus DEMO site here